Louise van Biljon

B.Sc. Physiology Human Movement Science & Child Development Expert

Louise van Biljon is a passionate and successful SME Business Owner and Therapist (Kinderkineticist) for almost two decades.


She is a mother of two, age 12 and 14, therefor she is not only highly equipped with a theoretical background but also poses the practical tools of being a mother herself.


Her first-hand knowledge and experience of facing the challenges when raising, developing and educating her own children has not only made her an expert in her field but also added to her passion of Early Childhood Development.


She founded Khalri in 2016 which is when she created the Khalri-Assessment-Tool. The best online assessment parents, teachers and therapists can use knowing if it is time for intervention with therapy or not.


She believes in participation from the child, and not just observation from the parent. The child must participate in the physical activities and the feedback is important in decision making about the way forward for each child and their future.


The Khalri Story & Philosophy

The story behind the name Khalri

Khalri, short for KALAHARI (South Africa), was the heart of my childhood. It was a hot, but joyful place, filled with love and caring people. I had the privilege to be surrounded by fantastic parents, wonderful friends, a compassionate community and family that was far from us, but close to our hearts.

The forming years of a child (0-10 years), is proven to have a lifelong effect on how they look at life. The town Kathu, in the Kalahari, shaped my outlook on life. I had a magical childhood. It was wonderful and slow at the same time. People working on the mines, farmers struggling with droughts, teachers and parents and churches taking hands and helping each other.


As an adult, I realize, how enchanted that stage in my life was, as I didn’t have the responsibilities and worries my parents had. Now, as a therapist, an entrepreneur, a mommy and a wife, I want to give something back to the communities that raise and shape our futures – our children.


I want to dedicate my love and passion, through the creation of Khalri, to every person with a positive impact on children.


This effort is for the educators, parents, teachers, preachers and grandparents ... “shapers of children”.


You are great and I hope that we can share the same passion:




With love and gratitude.

Louise, Founder of Khalri